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About Us

Ningbo Xiangsheng Friction Material Mfg. Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 certificated professional manufacturer of automobile clutch facing and various kinds of friction materials for engineering machines. It is the only company which have two big branches producing Clutch Facing in the same time, it’s products covering Clutch Facing, Clutch Button, Clutch Disc, Friction Disc, Rivets, Brake Pad, Brake Lining, & Brake Lining Roll.

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Contact Us

Factory: Zhuangqiao Town,Ningbo City,315032 China

City Office(Mailing Adress): Room B 507/508,Crown World Trade Plaza, No. 28-2 East
Beizhang Road,Ningbo,315041 China

Tel: +86 574 8771 2888 /2786 0788 /8771 0658

Fax: +86 574 8771 0698 /2782 8399

E-mail: xiangsheng@cnool.net; xiangsheng@jcl68.com

Home page: http://www.JCL68.com

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