Brake Lining Roll Resin Woven Based Asbestos Free


Brake Roll Lining resin Woven for Light Vehicles Light Truck.  

Material: brass wire, glass fiber, viscose fiber and resin, etc.

 Work condition: 200°C, Pressure: 1.0 mpa 

Features: Good flexibility, high tenacity, shock resisting, heat resisting, good duality and anastomosis, agile brake, excellent oil resistance and water resistance, etc. 

Applications: It’s widely used in decelerating and braking of engineer machines, industry machine and mining machines, such as Pickup, Light Truck, Winch, Windlass, Tractor, Sugar Mill, Crane, Blender, Power Generator, Construction Machinery, Elevator, Lift, etc. 

We can manufacture the hardness, width, thickness length and material as per your request.